Poz Finance builds on Binance Smart Chain


Poz Finance uses decentralized finance networks and open-source protocols to provide its users with various products and services, including holding, yield farming and staking.


Starts at :
25th January 07:00 PM GMT

Staked Reward

Poz Finance is a platform built on the Binance Smart Chain, where users can place tokens without creating a demand. It works with an auto-balancing equation that depends on the possible quantity of demand.


Starts at :
30th January 07:00 PM GMT

Farm Reward

Our platform allows users to passively earn crypto by simply holding their tokens in our special smart contracts. This system rewards our long term investors by allowing them to passively earn $BNB & $POZ, which can then be used for other features.


Starts at :
30th January 07:00 PM GMT

Gov Reward

A system that allows the community to decide what features we add to our ecosystem


Binance Smart Chain
First deflationary token
Which can also be staked!

Poz Dex

The decentralized exchange operates via the Binance Smart Chain to facilitate safe and secure transactions.

Index Fund

POZ will work in tandem with Balancer Pools creating constant volume for stake.

Staking Earnings

Holders earn rewards generated through network activity and can redeem or stake their new POZ.

Built for Value

POZ is a token with the added utility of being both transparently staked and burned at a combined 2,5% rate.

Dapp Development

A series of Web 3.0 dapps can utilize POZ Tokens. The Team will build upon the infrastructure.

POZ Vault

Vaults employ strategies to automate the best yield farming opportunities available, they are designed so that the community could work together to build best strategies to discover the best yield. It will launch later.

DeFi Payments

Immediate funding without third-parties. Audited Smart contracts autonomously perform funding – collect and release payments.


POZ will be listed in Pancakeswap and by providing liquidity in Pancakeswap, you will receive POZ token.


Will be a decentralized protocol to swap between Binance Smart Chain blockchains so we can call it POZ Bridge also.


When a transaction is made, 2.5% will be distributed to ALL POZ token holders in Staking, 2.5% will be burned.

Featured Partners

Pre Sale

Open at 1:00 PM UTC January 20, 2021

1 BNB = 1000 POZ

Available : 2M POZ
Minimum purchase : 1 BNB
Maximum purchase : 50 BNB

Token Information

Staking & Farm: 60%

Part of the tokens is reserved for staking & farm rewards.

 Community Incentive & Airdrop: 10%

Part of the tokens is used to bootstrap the ecosystem.

 Early Community: 10%

Tokens reserved for private sale to early community members willing to contribute to our ecosystem.

 Business & Media Partnership 10%

Rewards for marketing and partnership.

 Team 10%

Tokens allocated to the core developers and team members on a price-based release schedule after a 90-day cliff.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Total Supply will be 10,000,000 POZ


– We have working products from the day one
– Buy Back Program Every Months
– Equally distribution through all stake holders
– Thinking of growing together as community
– Many other Features in the Future

A: Min. 80% Increase from Pre Sale (guaranteed).

A: 1 Hour after finished of PreSale.

Contact: Hello@poz.finance

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